Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast Forward

While I haven't lived in Boise my entire life, technically, I'm homegrown. When I returned to Boise to live rather than visit, one of my favorite haunts became the Flying M Coffeehouse. I religiously procured my daily coffee while enjoying the funky and inspiring art, people and atmosphere.

Fast forward ten years.

Now I'm humbled and proud to announce I will be showing my photography at the Flying M Coffeehouse for the month of September. There have been a lot of people helping me achieve this endeavor (and you know who you are!) but I would like to thank the curators of the Flying M gallery, John and Jerms, for allowing me this incredible experience and honor. Be sure not to miss the art every month at the Flying M (for all my local peeps) and definitely don't miss the spectacular art of John Padlo.

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